Paolo Profeti European Collective & Emancipation (IT/RO): 2 concerte extraordinare, preview Green Hours JAZZ Fest - 8

Data și ora:

Calea Victoriei, București, Romania


Green Hours prezintă: 2 concerte extraordinare,
preview I al Green Hours JAZZ Fest - 8:

I. Paolo Profeti European Collective (IT/RO)

Paolo Profeti : sax
Florian Radu : trombone
Sorin Romanescu : guitar
Michael Acker : bass
Alessandro Rossi : drums

Profeti’s compositions use a wide scope of reference, from post Coltrane-ian, to Mediterranean and European contemporary music. A mix of European tradition, Mediterranean sounds, Italian folklore... jazz!

Powerful themes, so easy to remember that they could become viral, alternate naturally with complex solos, surprisingly reinvented in each live performance, all in original and varied structures.

II. Emancipation (IT)

Alessandro Rossi : drums, efx
Andreea Lombardini : bass
Massimo Imperatore : guitar
Massimiliano Milesi : tenor sax

Emancipation is new project as leader by the italian drummer Alessandro Rossi. The idea of the project is a connection with acoustic and electronic world. The natural sound of tenor saxophone is completely mixed with the electric rythm section. The acoustic drumset is miexed with electronic pads and effects. In the compositions, many styles coexist togheter.
Alessandro Rossi is one of the most talented drummers of the new European generation, collaborating with wonderful musicians like Enrico Rava, Roberto Cecchetto, Giovanni Falzone, Andrea Dulbecco,Panagiotis Andreu etc. and he created ”Emancipation” having in mind a picture of our society.
Live Your Live... Live Yor Music... Emancipate yourself!

- 40 de lei/pers. (achitat în avans, pînă în preziua evenimentului)
- 50 de lei/pers. (achitat în ziua evenimentului)

bilete online: (începînd din data de 5 mai)
rezervări: (pînă în preziua evenimentului) ...confirmarea - în max. 48 ore :) .tefefon (pt eventuale detalii): 0788 452 485 (...strict între orele 11-18 ...numai între L- V)