RDB.Vol.1 * Piers Harrison & Disco Sigaretta*

Data și ora:

Strada Constantin Mille 4, București, Romania


Rich Djs of Bucharest brings in Control Club their 1st guest of this year,

Piers Harrison (Soft Rocks / Esp Inst. / Mysticisms)

He is one quarter of Soft Rocks, a “nu disco” combo (originally) from Brighton with a relaxed attitude to copyright law. Together they released a slew of edits that were actually worth doing (in the main), recorded an LP for Lovefingers’ ESP institute and toured the world DJ’ing from Russia, Japan and Australia. Whilst no new music has emitted from the Soft Rocks camp for many years he still DJs both alone and as part of the team. He’s also carried remix and re-edit work for Emotional Response / Rescue.

He co-runs Mysticisms Records and devotes a good deal of time to the excavation and discovery of interesting music ancient to modern. And the joy of the sharing these records is still very much his main impetus. Whilst increasingly interested in larger dances he is still playing sets that span soul, boogie, reggae and ambient. DJ’ing and music is very much a journey that he hopes not to reach the end of, despite getting old.

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