Rokolectiv x SHAPE x Guesthouse

Data și ora:

Strada Popa Nan 82, București, Romania


Rokolectiv presents for the third consecutive year a special event dedicated to SHAPE platform, one of the most ambitious European platforms for innovative music and audiovisual art.

1. N.M.O. (live)

N.M.O. is the project of North Sea drummer and producer Morten J. Olsen and Mediterranean synthesis aficionado Rubén Patiño, an ever-changing acronym that incorporates club music, performance, military drumming, fitness and absurdity. What they call “Military Danceable Space Music and / or Fluxus Techno” is a unique blend of repetitive percussive patterns and synthetic sounds combined with performative aspects that explode during their short and intense live shows.

2. Charlotte Bendiks (live & dj)

Norwegian Coméme family member Charlotte Bendiks comes back to perform in front of her favourite crowd in Bucharest with her newest live set alongside Boska, followed by a DJ set closing the night. She recently branded herself as “the northern ambassador of distant intimacy”. Playful and silly, and therefore confident and sexy, whether as a Dj or playing live, her music is deep, dark, and psychedelic, despite or rather due to her “positive thinking”.

3. NSDOS (live)

Fresh Parisian techno producer NSDOS can’t restrain himself to existing technological tools and software, he prefers creating his own mediums: futurist instruments made of old audio converters, Gameboy emulators, pieces of metal dismantled and weld together, giving form to surreal machines. Surrounded by his hybrid tools, NSDOS unravels the rectilinear anatomy of techno. A huge admirer of the Dada and Lettrism movements, he can be considered as the offspring of a new DIY culture.

4. Solid Blake (dj)

Playing austere, uncompromising techno and authentic electro, Solid Blake is one third of Apeiron Crew. Having cut her teeth working as a producer at Glasgow’s highly influential student radio station Subcity Radio, Blake has quietly built a glowing reputation among the underground techno community in Copenhagen, where she now lives.


Supported by The Creative Europe programme of the European Union.
Supported by The Administration of the National Cultural Fund

Partners: Jägermeister, Institutul Francez, ICAS