Saroos [live] in Control

Data și ora:

Strada Constantin Mille 4, București, Romania


Saroos live in concert
Warm-up : Calin

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That Saroos still exist and even make music together seems improbable. Ten years ago, Florian Zimmer (of Iso68, Jersey and, recently, Driftmachine) left the band's native Munich for Berlin, shortly after Max Punktezahl (of The Notwist, Contriva) relocated to Hamburg while drummer Christoph Brandner (of Lali Puna, Console) stayed in the Bavarian capital. Scattered all over Germany, the trio however manages to lock itself in a studio from time to time and even go on extensive tours they tackle by taking the train. Saroos is founded on a consistent friendship between the three musicians which originally kicked off as an artistic collaboration in 1998, when both Zimmer and Brandner were part of Lali Puna. From there it has slowly evolved into what Saroos is now: An ever changing creative force, which has now been meticulously channelled into their strongest musical statement thus far.

With their fourth full-length, the German trio Saroos imaginatively captures the unimaginable. For the densely layered "Tardis", they got together with the renowned producer Tadklimp to explore new possibilities. With its laid-back rhythms, thick modular sound design and lush harmonies, their fourth LP for the Notwist-run Alien Transistor label is an invitation to a voyage through time and relative dimension in space: "Tardis" conjures the friendly ghosts of vaguely remembered memories.

"Earbending sounds from German electronic trio Saroos"
BBC3, U.K.

"Ten eclectic and inviting transmissions from space. So daring, bizarre and detailed, yet so warm and accessible."
Igloo Mag - USA

"‘Tardis’ is a very successful album. It is a pleasure to hear the influence of both early and more recent synthesiser music meet the rich introspection of post-rock. The more esoteric and experimental influences are equally fun and entirely unobtrusive. ‘Tardis’ succeeds in bringing the thick synthetic sound of electronica to the structures and sonorities of rock music. Just close your eyes and drift away."
The Gigsoup - U.K.