SASSE - IKE Release - Romansoff

Data și ora:

Strada Constantin Mille 4, București, Romania


Sala Berlin

Sasse (Pokerflat, My Favorit Robot)
Klas Sasse Lindbald has been making and playing seriously deep club music for more than two decades now. His mission has always been to conjure up warm atmospheres, inviting grooves and heady soundscapes that encase listeners and take them to another place, and he has done so in many different ways.

Ike Release (EPISODES // Brooklyn, USA)
After a half-decade of ever-more essential releases on only the most cultured labels, Chicago native and recent Brooklyn/NYC transplant Ike Release is now a revered producer and live performer. Whether working solo or as Innerspace Halflife with friend Hakim Murphy, Ike’s house and techno is a deeply emotive, individual and hugely textural affair. Built on the foundations of the Chicago sound, it draws on the soul of Detroit, the blissful moods of ambient and the spirit of various legends past, from Drexciya to LTJ Bukem.

Romansoff (Raw Tools)
Bucharest, Roamania