Serata Dansanta #3

Data și ora:

Calea Floreasca 111-113, București 014463, Romania


Old school is the new cool, de aceea te invitam in fiecare joi la o Seara Dansanta la E3 by entourage!

Pregateste-te sa socializezi "ca pe vremuri", cand te imbracai frumos si ieseai in oras sa te bucuri de compania prietenilor si bauturile preferate!

MoonSound se va ocupa de atmosfera iar la bar te asteapta cele mai cool cocktailuri cu Wyborowa Exquisite Wodka!


Old school is the new cool, that is why every thursday we invite you to a dancing party like no other at E3 by Entourage.

Get ready to socialise like in "the old times", when you would dress up and got out in the city to enjoy your friends company and your favourite drinks.

MoonSound is in charge of the atmosphere and at the bar you'll find the most cool cockatails made with Wyborowa Exquisite Wodka is a premium vodka from Polish distiller Polmos, made using high quality grain grown near the village of Turew. It's a crisp and clean vodka showing off the best of Polish distilling.

Info and reservations: (+40) 734 966 889