Seven Davis Jr. (USA) / Expirat Halele Carol / 04.02

Data și ora:

Str. Constantin Istrati 1, Bucharest, Romania, 040542


Sat. 04.02.2017. 10PM
Expirat Halele Carol. Sala Compresoarelor
Str. Constantin Istrati 1.
Artist support: to be announced


Seven Davis Jr.
(Secret Angels / Ninja Tune – Los Angeles / USA)

Samuel „Seven” Davis Jr. was born in Texas on April 3rd and raised in California. As a teenager, one day he combined the numbers in his birthday (April 4 month + 3) and „Seven” became his nickname.
Seven is an internationally loved vocalist, producer and occasional DJ with supporters from all ages, lifestyles and genres. Growing up Seven was heavily inspired by a wide range of artists and musicians from Sammy Davis Jr. to Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson to Prince, Sly & The Family Stone to The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix to Burt Bacharach and more. Gospel, funk, house and underground hip-hop were strong influences as well. As a teen, he grew up in San Francisco listening to Mark Farina & Green Velvet.
Since he was 3 years old, Seven began professional training as a gospel and jazz vocalist while living between Northern California and Texas. Eventually he matured into acid jazz and r&b styled vocals. During that period Seven also began studying production of various genres.
Seven furthered his experience working as a background singer in both the gospel and mainstream industry. He also worked behind the scenes providing ghostwriting, ghost vocals and ghost production until eventually deciding to pursue his own solo career permanently. Eventually Seven moved to London where he learned to DJ in Gilles Peterson’s label basement and he evolved as an artist.

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