Simple Things 01 w. Victor Stancov

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Strada Caldarari, Nr. 3, Bucharest, Romania, 030109



(adjective) - plain, basic, or uncomplicated in form, nature, or design; without much decoration or ornaments.

Victor Stancov does SIMPLE THINGS, or what happens when an architect turned DJ, in love with graphic design, begins to transfer his ideas and emotions from his inner self into a series of monthly events and urban apparel.

SIMPLE THINGS is a pure, natural creed, without ornaments, complex in its entirety, placed in an urban setting and in a mixed musical dimension. Simple, not at all common, the SIMPLE THINGS concept lies at the border of joy and simplicity, where the real shape of happiness can be revealed, where we forget all of our daily issues.

Well, we're starting this monthly journey at The Urbanist, under the SIMPLE THINGS umbrella, a place that stands for the same values as our creed. Each event will be it's own musical journey, be it house, deep house, funk or soul, we can't really know for sure as people are at the heart of everything. And because every journey needs to have it's own flashbacks in the days after, each event will have it's own t-shirt, a souvenir from our small getaway. It's secret ingredients are quality over quantity, hence each edition will see only a limited number of t-shirts.

So, if you share the same beliefs, come join us on our SIMPLE THINGS journey.

#simplethings #enjoythesimplethings

SIMPLE THINGS 01 mixtape: