SpeakEasy PartyHard #1

Data și ora:

Strada Constantin Mille 4, București, Romania


A series of fortunate retro dancing parties with a complete cabaret experience. Stunning burlescque acts, extravagant dresscode, lush exotic Go-Go dancers & vintage vinyls spinning on decks. All raving under the same roof, a cult milestone for Bucharest nightlife.

Proudly presenting Hoochie Koo, Berlin’s lustful yet classy party concept for the first time in Romania. A daze of glamour and drama, culminating with a stunning Burlesque act of that will knock you out in awe. For this occasion we're redecorating Sala Berlin to a merry-go-round of time invoking the nostalgia for all those crazy glamarous years & parties, the beggining of clubbing.

Soundtrack: early Rock'n'Roll, Rhythm'n'Blues and related. Basically the roots of club-music. From jukebox heroes to Jamaican Soundsystems of early 50s, with american Jump-up Blues and Jive to Bongo Rock, Mod, Garage or plain Rock'n'Roll.
Pretty much like an incarnated film set poised to be our playground love for the first party of pure counter culture : Gogo dancers, international Burlesque and the rarest of Vinyl. Curated by Don Rogall, hall of fame DJ & creator of the new Bassy Compilation.

Guest-starring Tallulah Freeway - Burlesque Exotica. Quentin Tarantino's muse, lover and inspiration, Tallulah literally put Berlin on the Burlesque map. It is written in the Bible: no good party without Tallulah.

Extra topping: HiHi Gogo - Erochica Bamboo & Lou On The Rocks.
Erochica is a legend in the world of Burlesque. This japanese Rock'n'Roll girl has the power of a Tornado.She' s been Miss Exotic World in Las Vegas and is a key-figure of Neo-burlesque, also founder of the HiHi Gogo. Lou On The Rocks is one of the exotic Stars in our little village called Berlin, and she`s the cover-girl of the latest compilation of the Bassy Club

08.03 Sala Berlin
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