Team Flight Motivation Workshop

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Strada Olimpului, nr. 13, Bucharest, Romania, 040196


Are you an Entrepreneur?

Thinking of starting a new business?

Calling all Entrepreneurs,Freelancers and Enthusiasts to this wonderful event to learn about new perspectives on Entrpreneurship, being a Freelancer and the "Laptop Lifestyle":

The Team Flight Life!!! :D

"Hi it's Max here, I'm looking take on initially 5-10 serious people for a quality focus group, but if the group gets bigger we will adjust! Glad to be back doing an event in Bucharest, one of my favorite cities!"

In this special focus group I'm only looking for real Goal Setters.

See you soon this Thursday at Ceainaria 5!
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Maximillion Simon is back in Bucharest! Founder/CEO of Team Flight Group and he's flying in from Dubai, where he has Life Coaching clients and is also MD at his most recent business venture Jetsurf Dubai!

He has lived in 10 countries and does business/projects all over the world!

Bonus- Maximillion is also looking to build a new team in Romania on a part-time business opportunity that will also be explained during the Seminar!


19:00 --- Doors open! Socialise, meet some new friends and enjoy yourself!

19:30 - 19:40 --- Introduction, Max's story and mini group activity

19:40 - 20:10 --- Presentation and 2 activities... Survivor and customer Avatar

20:10 - 20:20 --- 10 mins Life Coaching Q&A- Any questions about life to be fired at me on any subject!

20:20 --- Wrap-up/Enjoy the evening and speaking with new friends!