The Challenge 2016 Private Rally | Official Party at Player Club Bucharest

Data și ora:

Piața Montreal, București 011349, Romania


Ain't no party like the #PlayerParties and it ain't no lie about that!

On Wednesday, 31st of September we're ready for the biggest party this summer as we're putting Bucharest again on the map of the hottest spots in Europe. We are honored to announce that Player Club Bucharest has been chosen to host the Official Party of The Challenge 2016 Private Rally.

Billionaires around the world, supermodels, international public figures, famous DJs and singers, are already warming up their luxury engines to start the private rally from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Belgrade, Serbia, but couldn't resist in making one stop in Bucharest to taste our incredible nightlife. Get ready to admire some damn expesive cars, like Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari, McLaren and many others, prepared especially for this rally, on 31st of September in Player's Club parking!

Hottest Party this Summer | The Challenge 2016 | Official Party

Info & RSVP: +40 720 734 734

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