Three Times Biutiful at Fratelli

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Strada Glodeni 1-3, București, Romania


Here’s the latest news: our nights in Glodeni 1-3 are three times Biutiful. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. From 7 p.m.

In case you haven’t heard by now, Biutiful Thursday comes with live jazzy sessions!
Bucharest’s nightlife just got biutiful on Thursday :) All in one, it’s about good food, fine drinks, friends and live jazzy sessions!
And we can always tune in for more, just say the Biutiful word and we’ll put on the DJ, should you fancy some dancing.

When it comes to Friday...

...for some “strange” reason, everyone is happy when Friday is here.
Researches have concluded it may have to do with the Biutiful Friday: warm-up drinks and dinner, followed by extensive clubbing after midnight.
Agree to agree, right?

Saturday already? On Saturday, get started for the night!

Care to join us for a quick bite or dinner before clubbing in Fratelli Studios? This Saturday, Biutiful meets Fratelli to get you all started for the night!
So come on over, grab a bite, have dinner, get a warm-up drink and get ready to party the night out, next door, in Fratelli Studios, where a mind blowing night will take you by surprise.

You can now stop scrolling and start making plans!
We’ll be waiting for you, Thursday to Saturday, every week, from 7 p.m., in Glodeni 1-3.

For reservations: || 0737.297.297 || 0722.115.115

Biutiful & Fratelli

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