VRTW opening @cooperativa frufru Amzei

Spectacol live

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București, Romania


We believe in friends discovering music & authentic content. Our happenings bring out the best in people.


the coolest space in the concrete jungle just opened downtown. the urbanscape of Bucharest welcomes Cooperativa FRUFRU Amzei and you’re invited to come over for our house-warming party.
we believe in being good, doing good and having fun while doing it so, COME ON OVER and let’s co.create an amazing experience in our newest location on Mendeleev 10.

>>> what to expect.
blasting funky music, unconventional drinks in a vibrant space, authentic food, and basically #goodpeople having #farabazaconii fun

>>> who we are.
Cooperativa FRUFRU was born from the idea that good things can happen when people are kind and cooperate. we believe there are more like us out there. equally small and beautiful, trying to change the world with good food, beautiful design and innovative ideas.
Cooperativa FRUFRU is an invitation to co-create and play along. to enjoy the abundance and happy of life.
we like to create together with like minded people who love what they craft, bake, squeeze, cook, draw or imagine.

++ As usual, we're on for "curator mode" - vinyl lovers are invited to showcase some of their jazz / funk / soul / rock'n'roll records with us. It's not a typical DJing event, we're promoting musical discovery, so we'd like to enjoy "plain" whole records. If you own a collection and you'd like to be a part of this, just come on Wednesday with a proud face, holding your records close to your heart.

We invite you to feel with us, to play, to enjoy some energetic rum, to dance like crazy, to meet new people over a glass of great wine and to chill it out with some tapas.

Listening to a vinyl record is a labor of love that brings people together. Analogue recordings are vibrant and dynamic, and they're the closest thing to having Jimi Hendrix sing before you.

For a few hours, plan to forget digital, processed, targeted, business driven, compressed sounds, and enjoy the music like it was meant to be enjoyed.

Curator: UFe
''Vinyl enthusiasts'' guest: Andrei Mehedintu

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