VRTW • Social Garden • Jazz in the Park 2017

Spectacol live

Data și ora:
Parcul Central Cluj-Napoca, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


We are friends discovering music, we love authentic content and we curate playful, lively happenings that bring out the best in people.

Come to our oasis of jazz, soul, rock & roll, funk, world music, disco and much more. Have some wine. Bring your own records for showcasing. Be friendly. Meet fun people. Be your social self. This is what we’re all about!

Find our Social Garden at Jazz in the Park and see for yourself how listening to a vinyl record is a labor of love that brings people together. Analogue recordings are vibrant and dynamic, and they're the closest thing to having Jimi Hendrix sing before you.

// Acts //

* UFe
* Rammon
* Andrei Puiu
* Bully
* Tzuc
* Paul Adrian

// Guests, bring' em on! You are welcome to showcase your vinyl collection. Bring some records along and hold them proud! //

Daily schedule soon, but you can be sure we'll be having the same happy groovy relax time * all the time!