• The ART of the Botanist

  • 14 Decembrie 20:00 - 15 Decembrie 00:00
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  • Dream and reality tastes and sorts of smells, visual countdown into mixology brought to you by Touching ART Cocktail by Bucur Dragos

    We're talking about cocktails in so many forms of imagination, calculated by dime in tastes, looks and scents. The direct projection of your needs and desires is put organized in a form of reality that will flame your inner self. This is doubled up with food paring fused by music.

    We want you there for one reason only. Every cocktail is created according to your presence. Every vibe depends on you. We meet because we're born from a burning desire of upgrading mixology to a true form of art. See you up up up!
    ----> Music by O'laru & Melak LIVE Percution (Nopame)

    E3 by Entourage

    For reservations: e3@byentourage.ro || 0734.966.889

    E3 by Entourage reserves the right to select its clients, due to the capacity of the location and reservation list.
    Access 18+ || Never drink & drive || We do not endorse the use of drugs.