BOB Coffee Lab


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Piata Charles de Gaulles , 3, Bucharest, Romania, 011857


What’s up, dog? Here’s the deal.
When I’ve turned into a dog, my psycho-therapist told me: Chill, Bob, don’t panic, people change all the time.
Now that I’m a dog, he thinks I’ve become a better man. Not even Kafka would’ve said it better.
Also, all my senses have sharpened. I immediately smell the kind of man you are. I’ve become super-cool at sniffing. The world is like an olfactory show to me. And I wanna make the most of this show.
That’s why I poked my nose into this coffee business. Because nothing compares with every flavored bean roasted by our man, the top dog. Trust my nose! I’ve created a gang of experts awarded in the whole world and we fix a coffee like cat’s pajamas.
Stop by and stand by me, dog. Cuz every dog has its day. And his coffee.

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