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Questo is a city exploration app which helps you discover a city by going on a quest. Each quest guides you on a different road where you have to solve clues for finding the most authentic local experiences and stories.
How do you use Questo?

Choose the city you want to explore with Questo, browse through the available quests and select the one you like. Read its description first in English or Romanian.

Select the quest mode:
- Challenge Mode: if you are more competitive than the average, on a tighter schedule or just a local who wants to explore his city in less than 2 hours, then the challenge mode is recommended for you;
- Explore Mode: if you want to explore and discover local stories and recommendations, without any time pressure, you better choose explore.

Go to the starting point
After selecting the quest mode, you will receive the quest's starting point, which is a real location in the city. Go there, take a selfie and get your first clue to solve.

Solve clues
For better solving a clue you have to pay attention closely to the clue. Also, keep in mind that the quest is built in such a way that you'll never have to go through the same place twice.

After solving a clue and submitting the correct answer, Questo gives you a local story about the place you're at. This is a story collected from a local, sometimes without a historical certainty, but with real local feel.

If you need help along the way, you can always use the "get hint" option. Just keep in mind that by requesting it in challenge mode your score will be penalized.

At the end of each quest you receive your score and rank in the quest's Leaderboard together with the option to share your result with your friends.

Important recommendations:
- Both the challenge and the exploring mode will take you on the same path, with the mention that in the explore mode you'll receive some extra local recommendations;
- If you want to track your progress along the quest, use the my progress function;
- If you have any feedback for us, please let us know about it in the feedback section available in the menu. We want to achieve really great things with this app and to transform the way in which people travel around the world. That's why, every piece of feedback that we get is one step closer to this mission;

Questo is available only in these Romanian cities:
- Bucharest
- Sibiu
- Brasov
- Iasi
- Craiova
- Cisnadioara

So, download Questo and don't forget: explore, don't just travel!

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