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Strada Smaranda Braescu, nr 1-5, Block 1F, Bucharest, Romania, 014251


We like the good life. Enjoying it together with all the wonderful things in this world. Created by nature, by people, by divinity, by dreams, by magic. Having the strong belief that common sense, diversity and good taste are the necessary and sufficient ingredients to realize amazing things.

This is why we created this place. To see people happy, enjoying tasteful wonders (drinks and plats) from all the corners of the world. Either here, in your home or at your office we want to make your day better. Through our products, through the passion we are putting inside and through the continuous adaptation of our service to your taste and ideas.

Why? Simply: we love wonders as you know already. And if, in the journey you are taking with us, we will make you smile then we will make an amazing thing. One that will make us happy also and ready enjoy more, of course, together with you.
This is it. Simple as all the lovely things in life. Enjoy.

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