Kran's Grand Finale [no drama, please]

Data și ora:

Bulevardul Ion C. Brătianu 29-33, Etaj 5, (intrarea pe Strada Baratiei - Magazin Cocor), Bucharest, Romania


Dear friends, coleagues and ocasional guests, this will be the last weekend of KRAN, as you know it, at the 5th floor of the Cocor building. We have a different vision on how things should work than our ex-partners from OTTO Bucharest, so the two projects will split starting from now. The venue will continue to exist under the Otto umbrella and we will move forward with a series of events in different locations in Bucharest (for now).

That having been said, we prepared for you two really special nights with some of the selectors and Dj's that were close to us during this last year's journey. So, don't make other plans for this weekend as we are going to tair down the building with amazing music and visceral dancing. Closure doesn't have to be sad, so bring your good vibes, we'll take care of the rest in order for all of us to have the perfect last weekend.

The lineup and more info will be announced Tuesday evening.

Thanks for all the amazing moments and special memories we built together!!! <3