Board Game Night: Travelin'!

Spectacol live

Data și ora:

Strada Olimpului, nr. 13, Bucharest, Romania, 040196


Want to travel but can't seem to find the time?

As they say, it's not about the destination, but the journey. This Friday, we won't be taking a train, bus, or plane, but we'll still be exploring the many different countries of Europe with a game - Travelin'!

Travelin' is a light, casual card game based on traveling (obviously). As you move across and between countries to collect points (and hopefully win the game), you'll encounter all the common pitfalls - border controls, arrogant backpackers, and even some sketchy taxi drivers.

Don't know the game - don't worry! Travelin' experts will be on hand to teach you how to play.


19:00-20:00 - Happy hour! Relax, get to know some new friends, and have a laugh. 20% off all food and drinks.

20:00 - Lets get Travelin'!

Local, traveler, and expat friendly.

See you there!