Data și ora:

Strada Țărmului, București, Romania


Ladies & Gents, this New Year’s Eve Party will prove, once more, that Gaia is a living legend. We will celebrate not only the New Year, but also love. Because we love a lot. We love good taste, manners, creativity, unicity, friendship, class, and elegance. So, once again, we invite you to be elegant, as elegance will fit best what we prepared for you. Our set up will feel like fireworks, our music will make champagne bottles pop by themselves, and we’ll have a such unique and surprising performance that will make 2017 want to stay longer. Gaia will take January 1st out off the calendar and put it into your soul. Happy New Gaia

Entry fee: 100 lei
Contact: Andra -0727862031
Ionut- 073557591
Tabels with open bar, SUPER PREMIUM DRINKS: 500 lei/ person
Contact: Laura - 0723610933

Dress code: Elegance. That’s all.
Note to self: A year passed by, but Gaieurs are like wine. We do not get old, we age and add value to ourselves.
Music & Emotions by Mihai Leonte

Accesul persoanelor sub 18 ani este interzis!