Dekolectiv: Dark Matters

Data și ora:

Strada Popa Nan 82, București, Romania


Pan Daijing/ TOLOUSE LOW TRAX/ Phase Fatale/ An-i/ Sillyconductor

They say a third of the observable universe is made of dark matter. While MIT scientists are making new tools of visualizing it, we are interested in its more sonic embodiments. We scanned the German darklands and chose four acts dealing with aesthetics of dark culture(s), the sinister and the fear, from EBM to BDSM, from brutalism to techno mutations.

DE.KOLECTIV is an yearly event focused on the German electronic music scene, organized by Goethe-Institut Bucuresti in partenership with Rokolectiv Festival.

The night opens with Pan Daijing, a Berlin via Shanghai sound dissident. Her live performance is based on architectural space and individual exchange, her sound recordings on improvisation and stories. Pan Daijing lets the machines run angry, a therapeutic abrasion of bleak signals that ricochet off the walls.

Next, one of the most enthusiastic voices behind the famous Salon des Amateurs from Dusseldorf, TOLOUSE LOW TRAX, an artist with a sixth sense for odd and catchy grooves, takes us in a subliminal hypnotic trip driven by dark synthlines, drum machine magic, and drunken shuffled patterns.

For a different interpretation of harder, industrial-influenced techno, Phase Fatale - Hayden Payne’s new outlet, confronts us with an image of future war powered by sinister atmospheres, rigid drumming, cold synths and bleak samples. An influence from his ex punk background, mutating into a new identity.

Last, the night makes room to synth psychedelia and strange noise subversions bolted on to a thumping techno chassis. An-i’s set will glory in the dancefloor and surge ever forward into the morning.

Better known for his audio endeavors, Sillyconductor also unravels his first live visual project for DE.KOLECTIV. Based on his “VII - Vulnerability Independence Indecision” experimental strategy, he controls analog video oscillators with dying capacitors or resistors with one purpose in mind - a suspended state of geometrical instability.