Rites of the Black Mass II, 19 - 21.10.2017

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Data și ora:

Intrarea Grozavesti, Bucharest, Romania, 00000


The second edition of the Rites of the Black Mass Festival is set to take place between 19th and 21st of October, in Bucharest, Romania at Quantic Club.

This year's festival promises a very strong lineup, having confirmed 25 bands from all across Europe having headliners like the Norwegian black metal legend TAAKE on the 20th of October and Finnish extreme metallers IMPALED NAZARENE on Saturday, 21st of October 2017 and also some acts like MISTHYRMING, the Icelandic black metallers, Italy's first black metal band, Mortuary Drape that will perform for the first time in Romania.

The complete lineup for the 2017 edition can be found below:

Impaled Nazarene (fi)
Taake (no)
Forgotten Tomb (it)
Mortuary Drape (it)
Misþyrming (is)
Acherontas (gr)
Ravencult (gr)
Svarttjern (no)
Hell Militia (fr)
Blaze of Perdition (pl)
Pseudogod (ru)
Fides Inversa (it)
Darvaza (it/no)
Saille (be)
Shrine of Insanabilis (de)
Au-Dessus (lt)
Asagraum (no/nl)
Ragehammer (pl)
Voltumna (it)
Mortis Mutilati (fr)
Infernal Angels (it)
Sathamel (uk)
Spinecrusher (ro)
Temple of Evil (cy)
Warhammer (gr)
Bode Preto (br)

Tickets for this edition can be found via Iabilet.ro network or online at www.iabilet.ro at the price of 200 lei (~ 45 euro). For this event there are 600 tickets available.