A Satsang on Seduction w\ Hans Comyn // Bucharest

Spectacol live

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Strada Olimpului, nr. 13, Bucharest, Romania, 040196


In and through seduction lies the salvation of our souls...

“We all share the desire to be heard, seen, felt, and we are probably more akin to each other by that longing than by any other set of desires, beliefs, values, opinions, attitudes or principles. We all crave empathy across the table. We yearn for that shared experience.” - Hans Comyn

This in an invite for you to partake in a one-of-a-kind reading and conversation about the things you have always been interested in: love, romance and seduction.

Author Hans Comyn will read excerpts from his book “The Way of a Seducer – A Code of Honor in the Land of Women,” a poetic meditation on his integrity as a seducer, a code of honor on how to seduce rightfully.

Hans will welcome your questions, thoughts and opinions on the matters of love, romance, seduction and facilitate a conversation past cliches and platitudes, based on a commitment to openness and connection from all.

Hans Comyn is a modern Renaissance Man. An artist and an intellectual, a seducer and an athlete. Writer, musician, philosopher, public speaker, traveler, cyclist, rebel and courtier. At the turn of the century, he taught philosophy at Universities in the US and Europe, exploring how people gather and connect in the most fulfilling ways.

With time, it crystallized that love/romance/seduction is the number one concern we all gather around, and since 2008 Hans has led the Artery, a world-wide community around those very issues. The Artery is a genuine community, co-created by people who are committed to openness and to connection.

If all these things appeal to you, we are welcoming you at 7:30 pm, on Oct 16 (Monday), to create together an evening of seductive connection as a way of discovering ourselves, each other and the world around us. Feel free to invite your friends.

Generally this event is free for anyone interested, although we kindly ask you to donate 15 to 50lei (as feels good for you), so that Hans' expenses are met.

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