Presha (DE) / Low Freq / Fane / Dyl / Expirat / 30.03

Data și ora:

Str. Constantin Istrati 1, Bucharest, Romania, 040542


Black Rhino welcomes Presha
Thursday 30.03. 10PM
Expirat Halele Carol. Sala Compresoarelor
Str. Constantin Istrati 1.
Ticket: 20 lei


PRESHA (Samurai Music / Berlin, DE)

Internet, radio, and nightclub DJ, event promoter, distributor, record label owner and artist mentor, Geoff Wright aka Presha's list of accomplishments and roles within the music industry is immense. Even more impressive is that he has been a forerunner in each of these disciplines, firmly entrenching himself within the sonic architecture of electronic music culture worldwide.
Through his Samurai Music, Red Seal & Horo record labels, his many radio shows over the years, club sets, & events promotion companies, Presha served as a guiding hand in the growth and development of the New Zealand scene and assisted heavily in establishing the international export of artists such as Tokyo Prose, Fis, State of Mind, Trei, and Dose amongst others.
2011 saw an indefinite relocation to Europe, a move essential to the expansion and longevity of both the Samurai Music labels and his devotion to the art of DJing. From his adopted home in Berlin, Presha made 2012-2015 the busiest years to date for the Samurai Music group of labels with high profile releases from the artist stable including Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Dub Phizix & Skeptical, Loxy & Resound, ENA, ASC, Tokyo Prose, Clarity and many more.

Samurai Music:

LOW FREQ (Black Rhino)

Low Freq is a music producer, DJ and promoter based in Bucharest, Romania. A very versatile musician, combining elements of bass music with strong industrial synths, his sound is defintely something you notice. One can hear his music in projects such as Shadowbox and Dream Diggers. Always oriented in manipulating and promoting new sounds, Low Freq is directing the Black Rhino project.


FANE (Black Rhino)

DJ and music producer, Fane steped up from 140 tempo to 170 producing and promoting the atmospheric and militant step of half step drum and bass. With a strong passion for the dancefloor, Fane's productions are oriented through punchy drums and heavy bass lines.


DYL (Nord Label, Alphacut Records)

DYL is a Romania based experimental producer with releases on labels such as Nord Label, Minor Label, Alphacut Records, Hangout Music and many more. He has very quickly carved out his own unique sound which can be heard in mixes and sets of some of the most fore-front players in the scene. Great things to come from this young producer.
Field recordings and sound effects filter through his music, drawing them away from any recognisable dancefloor form. On his Concept EP, Edward reshaped the hallmarks of drum and bass into features of an ambient soundtrack. The reese bass sounded like wind, the breaks sounded like rain. On Continentia, his unconventional approach went to a yet further extreme, featuring PPXXPP, a track designed to be played at two different speeds.


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